Efteruddannelse i ACT

Den 2 årige efteruddannelse i Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Efteruddannelse i ACT

Unik, specialstgodkendt og med verdens førende undervisere inden for ACT.

Efteruddannelse i ACT

2 årig efteruddannelse for psykologer og læger


Hurtige facts om efteruddannelsen:

☞ Undervisere og supervisorer: Kelly Wilson, Kirk Strosahl, Robyn Walser, Niklas Törneke, Benjamin Schoendorff, Patricia Robinson & Rikke Kjelgaard

☞ Målgruppe: psykologer og læger. 25% af pladserne tilbydes til andre behandlere med anden relevant baggrund

☞ Godkendelser: uddannelse og supervision er godkendt af Dansk Psykologforening i psykologernes specialistuddannelse under specialiseringsmodulet Grundlagsteori og klinisk teori. Retning: kognitiv/adfærdsterapeutisk.

☞ Indhold: 96 timers undervisning fordelt på 16 dage

☞ Pris: 44800 DKK. Der tilbydes delbetaling – uden gebyr

☞ Supervision: 60 timer fordelt på 10 dage. Supervisionen er valgfri og kan tilkøbes for 30000 DKK. 

☞ Sted: Park-Inn by Radisson i København – lige ved Femøren Metrostation og tæt på lufthavnen

☞ Sprog: engelsk

☞ Næste ledige plads: foråret 2023 – alle datoer findes nedenfor

☞ Ledige pladser? Nuværende uddannelsesforløb er udsolgt. Der er oprettet venteliste til foråret 2023

Training overview

14 December 2020: ”ACT Primer” w/Rikke Kjelgaard

15-16 December 2020: ”ABC of Human Behavior and Relational Frame Theory for Clinicians” w/Niklas Törneke

9-10-11 March 2021: ”The Compassionate and Vital Life: Using ACT for Change” w/Robyn Walser

5-6-7 October 2021: ”ACT Skill Building and Case Conceptualization” w/Kelly Wilson

25-26-27 January 2022: ”Principles and Practice of Focused ACT” w/Kirk Strosahl & Patricia Robinson

31 May 2022: ”ACT questions and answers” w/Rikke Kjelgaard

4-5 October 2022: ”The ACT Matrix” w/Benjamin Schoendorff

12 December 2022: ”ACT Recap and method training” w/Rikke Kjelgaard

What are the founders of ACT saying about this program?

Steven Hayes

This is an exemplary program with excellent workshop leaders and the kind of follow through that can make a permanent difference in your practice. Highly recommended.

Kelly Wilson

I think Rikke has put together the most varied and talented set of trainers and topics that I have ever seen, anywhere. Setting aside my own part in this, and recognizing that I already have had the benefit of many years of great training, I would say that I would learn a lot from Rikke’s course. A lot! It is filled with people I love and respect.


Kirk Stroahl

The ACT clinical training program offered by Rikke is the best single training program we’ve seen in Europe. For the last seven years, we’ve had the privilege of working with Rikke and the excited learners that this program produces. The program offers a beautiful blend of ongoing clinical supervision based training and didactic instruction by the most highly respected ACT experts in the world. This program gives you not only the essential skills you need to practice ACT, but also high level clinical skills that will allow you to take your clinical practice to a completely different level. This is an investment in your professional development that will pay off handsomely for years to come!

Unique training opportunity

Training and supervision takes place at a lovely venue by the beach in wonderful Copenhagen. 

Your investment is 44800 DKK.

There’s a limited amount of seats.

Everything you need to know

The training is taking place in Copenhagen (Denmark) – just by the airport and by the beach.

All trainings days at 9:00 am until 16:00 pm.

96 hours of training on 16 training days.

Your investment is 44800 DKK which includes materials and all food during training hours.

Supervision of 60 hours can be added separately. Supervision is 10 days and your investment is 30000 DKK.

All trainers and supervisors are ACBS peer reviewed ACT trainers.

All rights reserved.


Godkendelser: uddannelse og supervision er godkendt i psykologernes specialistuddannelse under specialiseringsmodulet Grundlagsteori og klinisk teori. Retning: kognitiv/adfærdsterapeutisk.

I forhold til Dansk Psykologforenings retningslinier vær da opmærksom på at et længerevarende samlet uddannelsesforløb skal ud over undervisning i teori også omfatte supervision af terapeutisk arbejde, således at der sker et aktivt arbejde med den egentlige tilegnelse af den terapeutiske kunnen. Dette skal ske i et omfang af mindst 60 timer, som skal være indhentet i tilknytning til undervisningen i teori og metode. Der tilbydes 60 timers supervision i gruppe som kan tilkøbes i en supervisionspakke (se udførlig beskrivelse under supervision).

This training is didactic with role plays and therapeutic skills training.

There’s a heavy emphasis on experiential learning.

Therapists are invited to work on personal as well as professional material.


All training is in English. All trainers are welcoming and used to work with therapist who don’t have English as their native tongue.

This training is approved for specialist credits (in Denmark) for psychologists and doctors.

25% of the available seats can be assigned to therapists with other relevant academic background.

There’s a limited amount of supervision seats available. 

The supervision is optional and can be bought as an add-on to the training program.

Supervision costs 30000 DKK.

Supervisors are Niklas Törneke, Robyn Walser, Kelly Wilson, Kirk Strosahl, Patricia Robinson, Benjamin Schoendorff and Rikke Kjelgaard.

We recommend that you read the following:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – The Proces and Practice of Mindful Change (2nd edition) (Hayes, Wilson & Strosahl)

The ABCs of Human Behavior (Törneke)

Learning RFT (Törneke)

Mindfulness for Two (Wilson)

Learning ACT (2nd edition) (Walser & Luoma)

Focused ACT (Strosahl, Robinson & Gustavsson)

The Essential Guide to the ACT Matrix (Schoendorff & Polk mfl.)

Payment is done through bank transfer to Rikke Kjelgaard Consulting in Denmark.

Upon registration you can choose between the following options:

  1. payment of the whole amount here and now
  2. payment in 2 rates – 50% now and 50% in a year
  3. payment in 3 rates – first payment now and the following payments every 6 months
  4. payment in 12 rates – first payment now and then every other month
  5. payment in 24 rates – first payment now and then months payments

No added fee with partial payment.

All invoices are sent from Denmark. Added bank fees are paid by the participant.


There’s a limited amount of seats.

The registration is legally binding.


Supervision group #1 (sold out)

27 January 2021 – Niklas Törneke

8 June 2021 – Niklas Törneke

4 October 2021 – Kelly Wilson

22 November 2021- Robyn Walser

24 January 2022 – Kirk Strosahl

28 January 2022 – Patricia Robinson

1 Juni 2022 – Niklas Törneke

2 Juni 2022 – Rikke Kjelgaard

3 October 2022 – Benjamin Schoendorff

13 December 2022 – Niklas Törneke

Supervision group #2 (sold out)

28 January 2021 – Niklas Törneke

9 June 2021 – Niklas Törneke

8 October 2021 – Kelly Wilson

26 November 2021 – Robyn Walser

24 January 2022 – Patricia Robinson

28 January 2022 – Kirk Strosahl

1 Juni 2022 – Rikke Kjelgaard

2 Juni 2022 – Niklas Törneke

6 October 2022 – Benjamin Schoendorff

14 December 2022 – Niklas Törneke

Let the adventure begin

Training and supervision takes place at a lovely venue by the beach in wonderful Copenhagen. 

Your investment is 44800 DKK.

There’s a limited amount of seats.

Meet your trainers

Rikke Kjelgaard

Rikke is a licensed psychologist and peer reviewed ACT trainer.

With more than 400 workshops on her resume, Rikke is a popular educator in ACT.

Niklas Törneke

…or “Mr. RFT”, as I call him. Niklas is a doctor, psychotherapist and supervisor. And he is enormously skilled at RFT (the theory behind ACT). That he is also an expert in behaviourism just makes it all more wonderful. I cannot imagine a better teacher in ACT, ABC and RFT!


Kelly Wilson

Kelly is one of the founders of ACT. He is a psychologist, professor and author of many books and articles about ACT. He is known for his unique teaching style: deeply moving and simply unforgettable. Meeting Kelly is an experience that you don’t want to miss.

Robyn Walser

Oh, Robyn! Robyn is a psychologist and expert in ACT. She has been in ACT from the very beginning. She has written several books and articles in ACT and is often referred to as “the trainers trainer”. She is the one that teaches us to teach ACT. She is a huge rolemodel and an extraordinary teacher and human being. One of a kind!

Kirk Strosahl

Kirk is one of the founders of ACT. He is a psychologist and author of many books and articles about ACT. Kirk is also a co-inventor of the Focused ACT model. In my humble opinion he is also one of the worlds most skilled clinicians. It’s pleasure attending his trainings where everything is “hands-on” and very useful. To see him do live roleplays has made a profound impact in many clinicians lives. Worldclass!

Patricia Robinson

Patricia is a psychologist and expert in ACT. She has been in ACT from the very beginning. She has written several books and articles in ACT and is the co-founder of Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She is training clinicians in the use of ACT in primary care settings. Patricia is an extraordinary teacher, human and touches the hearts of her trainees every. single. time.

Benjamin Schoendorff

Benji is a psychologist and expert in ACT. He has specialised in The Matrix. Benji has an incredible way of making difficult things comprehensible and his teaching style is both humorous and deeply moving. When training with Benji you are guaranteed to get tools that you can start using right away. Benji is an extraordinary human who also willingly and courageously walks the talk in his trainings. 

Let the adventure begin

Training and supervision takes place at a lovely venue by the beach in wonderful Copenhagen. 

Your investment is 44800 DKK.

There’s a limited amount of seats.

What they say

Anne-Sofie Olesen

Det har været intet mindre end fantastisk at være i selskab med internationale oplægsholdere, som uden tvivl er blevet personlige rollemodeller efterfølgende.

Det er meget inspirerende at opleve forskellige måder at udøve ACT, og når man som jeg er virkelig begejstret for metoden, er det ekstremt opløftende at møde såvel oplægsholdere såvel som med-kursister, der deler ens passion.

Jeg har lært meget på uddannelsen – og jeg tror, det vigtigste er at være modig. At turde arbejde med min egen fleksibilitet – såvel som psykolog som privatperson.

Anne-Sofie Olesen

Aut. psykolog

Anne-Kirstine Thuen

Det har været lærerigt, sjovt, ind imellem hårdt, og mest af alt har det været udviklende, både for mig som terapeut og for mig som menneske. I de år, der er gået fra vi startede og til nu, er jeg blevet bedre til at stå på egne ben og vælge værdibaseret, – også når det har krævet (rigtig meget) mod. Det har betydet, at jeg i min fritid har været på rejser alene, jeg måske ellers ikke havde turdet tage på, og at jeg i mit professionelle liv har turdet at sige farvel til mit faste job for at prøve livet som privatpraktiserende.

Uddannelsen er rigtig godt skruet sammen.

Det var dejligt at være et hold og møde de samme medkursister jævnligt hen over de 2 år, uddannelsen varede.

Anne-Kirstine Thuen

Aut. psykolog - specialist i sundhedspsykologi, Privatpraktiserende i Herning

Karina Thomsen

Det er gået op for mig, at disse undervisere fra omkring i verden har hjulpet mig til at tydeliggøre mit eget faglige ståsted. Alle har de været førende forskere og højtagtede klinikkere indenfor deres område i ACT – meget forskellige og med dét til fælles, at de er passionerede og modige. De viser gennem deres undervisning og væremåde, at mangfoldighed er velkomment i ACT-verden. Du skal ikke kopiere Kelly Wilsons måde at ”gå ned i tempo” på, eller forvente at du bør være ligeså eminent en klinikker som Robyn Walser, for at være en psykolog, der kan medvirke til forandring. Pointen er, at du skal have modet til at udvikle dig netop til dén terapeut, som du ønsker at blive. Det gælder om at udvikle din egen personlige stil. Og gøre det – og stå ved det!

Karina Thomsen

Aut. psykolog - Psykologen på Landet - indehaver af KT psykolog

Mie Tastesen

Jeg kom i den grad ud af min komfortzone, men samtidig på en måde, hvor medfølelse og empati var centralt i alt, hvad der foregik. Det var fedt, at få lov at eksperimentere og lege med ACT. Jeg har sjældent grædt og grinet så meget, som jeg har undervejs i den 2 årige uddannelse. Den sårbarhed og ærlighed, som der blev åbnet op for på holdet var helt specielt.

Mie My Isolde Tastesen

Privatpraktiserende psykolog og åndedrætsterapeut. Ejer af virksomheden ACT and Breathe IVS

Mette Kruse

Da ACT er meget oplevelses orienteret giver det et rigtigt stort udbytte at være på uddannelsen, da man selv udfører mange af øvelserne og effekten af ”Learning by doing” er rigtig god og ikke noget man kan læse sig til. Jeg giver derfor uddannelsen en varm anbefaling. Vil man lære noget, gennemgå personlig udvikling og have det sjovt, samtidig med man er i selskab med utrolig dejlige mennesker, så skal man ikke tænke sig om to gange før man tilmelder sig.

Mette Kruse

Autoriseret psykolog. Indehaver af Christianshavns Kognitive psykolog klinik

Laila Lambrecht

Denne, for meg- mye mer sofistikerte samtalebehandling for atferdsendringer har gjort min allmennlege hverdag mye lettere, mye mer givende og mye mer spennende. Mine pasienter takker for timen, og har blitt raske til å komme tilbake når noe blir vanskelig.

Jeg digger “psyk” i avtaleboken- bare gleder meg. Det er så enormt hva som er mulig å få til for pasienter flest, jeg fletter stort sett alltid ACT momenter inn i enhver konsultasjon jeg har, og helt fantastisk ble det med fACT, et stykke super nyttig verktøy for allmennlegen. Dette verktøyet burde vært implementert i med.studiet. Samtaler er nå min gledelige utfordring og sykemeldinger har fått en ny dimensjon. 

Man trenger ikke psykologiske forkunnskaper for ACT.kurset, kun interessen i samtalen med pasienter.

Jeg anbefaler dette kurset over 2 år, for alle leger i allmennpraksis, det gir hverdagen en ny givende dimensjon.

Laila Lambrecht

Læge og spesialist i Allmennmedisin

This is what you will learn

session #1

An ACT primer

An introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and meeting your peers.

Trainer: Rikke Kjelgaard

December 14, 2020

session #2

The ABC's of Human Behaviour and an Introduction to RFT

Learn the behavioural principles and the theory that ACT is based on: Relational Frame Theory.

Trainer: Niklas Törneke

December 15-16, 2020

session #3

The Compassionate and Vital Life: Using ACT for Change

In this workshop you will learn about experiential avoidance and it’s pathological effects. You will also learn about how to do proces based ACT through intense experiential training.

Trainer: Robyn Walser

November 23-24-25, 2021

session #4

ACT Skill Building and Case Conceptualisation

Get to know ACT from the inside out and learn experiential case conceptualisation. You will be trained in the Hexaflex Functional Dimensional Experiential Interview från Kellys bog “Mindfulness for Two”.

Trainer: Kelly Wilson

October 5-6-7, 2021

session #5

Principles and Practice of Focused ACT

In this workshop you will learn to structure your sessions into focused and potentially shorter interventions.  

Trainers: Patricia Robinson & Kirk Strosahl

January 25-27, 2022

session #6

ACT Questions & Answers

Get a full day of brush up, skills practice and all your questions answered. 

Trainer: Rikke Kjelgaard

May 31, 2022

session #7

Six Steps to Flexibility Using the ACT Matrix

Here will learn how to use and present the Matrix to clients. You will also learn how to reinforce behaviours to deepen the interpersonal relationships for your clients.

Trainer: Benjamin Schoendorff

October 4-5, 2022

session #8

ACT Recap and Method Training

A final day of skills practice and recapping of the entire course.

Trainer: Rikke Kjelgaard 

December 12, 2022

Let the adventure begin

Training and supervision takes place at a lovely venue by the beach in wonderful Copenhagen. 

Your investment is 44800 DKK.

There’s a limited amount of seats.

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