Mavis Tsai & Rikke Kjelgaard

Cultivating Courage to Face the Unknown

In times of uncertainty, most of us have been taught that we are not supposed to feel anxious, insecure, doubtful, or fearful. There is a common belief that if we are completely healed, or attain enlightenment, then we would feel happiness and freedom all the time, and no longer experience doubt, insecurity or confusion. In actuality, true freedom or happiness lies in giving ourselves permission to turn towards what we don’t want to feel; mythologist Joseph Campbell states that every human being is longing for the experience of being fully alive. In today’s webinar we will explore how you can increase your sense of aliveness by cultivating your courage to face and welcome what feels unknown, fearful, or uncertain, and to listen deeply to your soul’s longings.

Dr. Mavis Tsai

Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and senior research scientist at the University of Washington’s Center for Science of Social Connection. She is the co-creator of Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP), a treatment that harnesses the power of the therapeutic relationship to transform clients’ lives. She is the co-author of five books on FAP (some of which have been translated into Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Korean and Persian), and over 70 articles and book chapters. She is a recipient of Washington State Psychological Association’s Distinguished Psychologist Award in recognition of significant contributions to the field of psychology, and is a Fellow of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science. As Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit organization “Awareness, Courage & Love Global Project”, she trains volunteers to lead chapters in six continents to create a worldwide-network of open-hearted change-seekers who strive to meet life’s challenges through deepening interpersonal connection and rising to live more true to themselves.

Cultivating Courage to Face the Unknown

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“Create Extraordinary Interactions”

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